Rent the museum

Renting the museum is currently for members only.

The museum is small. We request that groups with more than 6 children consider renting the museum. The museum can be rented after hours by members.  Our recommended limit for rentals is 22 persons. To accommodate renters, we have several tables,15 adult chairs, seating for 14 kids, a refrigerator, microwave, bathroom, water fountain, and a coffee/tea brewer. (Photos of accommodations). A collapsible rain shelter is available for use. The park has a playground, 3 picnic tables, tennis court, and a grill. Our guidelines are as follows:

  1. Bullet Museum rental is $35.

  2. Bullet Renters need to have worked two shifts before the date of the rental. This is to ensure that the member has enough experience and familiarity with the museum.

  3. Bullet There should be at least one parent for every three children.

  4. Bullet The duration of the rental is up to 3 hours.

  5. Bullet The suggested maximum number of persons (adults and children) in a rental party is 22. More than this and the museum gets noisy and crowded.

  6. Bullet Renters are expected to clean up and leave the museum in an organized state.

To rent the museum:

Step 1: Look at our calendar to determine which dates and times are available.

Step 2: Please submit a rental request using this form. David Hartmann will respond to your request.

Step 3: Once you get the okay, make your payment here:

Step 4: David will add your rental to the calendar.